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M8 Recruitment and Event rewards (EDIT)

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 1, 2013, 2:39 PM

Rescuers, Rogues, and Merchants! Please take a few moments to listen to what I have to say. Micle has made mention of an impending attack on our village. I have asked Brooke for clarification, and she has made it very clear that this attack is going to be brutal. They have said that our attackers are vicious, uncaring monsters. Our task tonight will be to survive this encounter. This will not be like any mission your guilds have asked you to perform in the past. These attackers are very real, with every intent to end your lives, should they get any opportunity to do so. Brooke has told me of many Pokemon that have met their demise prematurely at the hands of these Zoroark, and I fear that some of you may fall victim to this same ending.

   To make matters worse, not everyone we currently came here with will remain in the village for this assault on us. Many of us will be accompanying Micle and Mike out on an expedition to find help for Jasmine, and while that is more than good, it leaves our defenses weaker than they could be.
   So, in order to survive this night, I encourage you to go out and find Pokemon from this past era willing to join our ranks to fight for our village. Make friends with them, get to know them, and perhaps even offer them a chance to join your guild. Let them know that should they accompany us, they will leave everything in this era behind once Jasmine takes us all back to our time. I have no doubt Jasmine will allow this, as we will have only done what was needed to save her life, and ours as well.

   If you are unable to find suitable comrades for the upcoming battle, then you must look inwards, to yourself. Train with me, and become stronger than you have known yourself to be.
   Do it not for yourself, but for our village. Our actions tonight may influence our loved ones in the present.


   All this commotion, all this turmoil! I have not seen such lack of discipline since before young Master Foo was a master! How he flailed and whined! it is hard to imagine him as anything but the baby he was when I first started training him.
   Speaking of Master Foo, he has among those who have disappeared. This troubles me greatly, it does. How are these undisciplined Pokemon to receive their training? No matter, no matter! I will take in all those who wish to train themselves towards their peak! Rescuer, Rogue, Merchant, titles and status are no matter, you are all meek, unpolished gems before my eyes! This is a rough time for all, and I will be as impartial as a stable rock in the presence of a swiftly moving river. All are welcome in my training.
   And if you are lost without your missing team members, do not fear! Simply go out and obtain new friends, and new team members! What is life if not a series of unfortunate events to work past? When problems do not exist, the need to grow stronger and surpass them becomes unnecessary.

   If you do not seek comfort in numbers, then I shall advance yourself to the point where you are self sufficient. Become one who does not need others to survive!
   We must use this opportunity to not only strengthen ourselves, but our bonds with others as well. It is only then that we may be able to reach our true potential!


These recruitment chances only last until M8 is over!

Here’s how it works:
If you completed 6’s first half, you got the evolution scroll for the present, as you should know by now.
Now, if you had completed E6’s second half, you finally get the evolution scroll for the past.

On top of this, if you’ve completed E7, you get a scroll for the present OR the past.  It’s up to you who gets it.

Now, you may trade in two scrolls for the chance to recruit any Pokemon, in either the past or the present, OR any two first-forms.  Or, you may trade in one scroll for the chance to recruit any first-form (like Charmander, Rattata, etc.) in the past or the present.  It’s up to you how you do this.


At any time, you may also trade in one evolution scroll to redo your moveset from Master Shao.  You may also learn a special move from Master Shao. If your type matches the type listed, you can learn a special move from the pool.  You may only have one special move at once.  A move is special if your Pokemon cannot normally learn it, so please mark it on your application.

For example, following this list, a Butterfree would be able to learn Fury Cutter, Fire Spin, Tailwind, or Poison Gas ... or a Sneasel could learn Taunt, Sand Tomb, Encore or Ice Ball if they felt like it.  

Bug - Fury Cutter, Fire Spin
Dark - Taunt, Sand Tomb
Dragon - Outrage, Sunny Day
Electric - Charge, Whirlpool
Fighting - Arm Thrust, Destiny Bond
Fire - Will-O-Wisp, Gear Grind
Flying - Tailwind, Poison Gas
Ghost - Nightmare, Ingrain
Grass - Leech Seed, Dual Chop
Ground - Bone Rush, Magnet Rise
Ice - Ice Ball, Encore
Normal - Thrash, Sandstorm
Poison - Toxic, Sky Attack
Psychic - Future Sight, Hail
Rock - Rollout, Fire Pledge
Steel - Metal Burst, Sky Drop
Water - Clamp, Fly

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