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January 12, 2013


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January Tasks

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 12, 2013, 5:13 PM

Hello, everyone! Some of you may have seen me lurking about Callahan’s office and Sleepytime Books, but until now I’ve been far too shy to properly introduce myself to everyone. So, here goes...

My name is Zaru, and I am, for lack of a better term, Callahan’s assistant. I won’t get into how that became my job as I don’t deem it very relevant, but it’s the truth. It has allowed me to view the goings-on of the village fairly easily, as every bit of paperwork and every prospective Pokemon team must pass through Callahan’s sights sooner or later, and I’ve come to realize something.

While we have a variety of guilds all pursuing their own goals in their own ways, sometimes, smaller jobs are left overlooked. The denizens of this village sometimes require assistance, but, due to the perceived busy nature of the guilds, may not feel comfortable with approaching the guild leaders with their problems.

We have implemented a system that will allow good folks from all over to request help from anyone who so desires it! And by “all over”, I actually just mean our very own Tao Village. Word travels quickly though, and if this project is a success, I wouldn’t doubt seeing our idea being taken and used in other villages and towns around the continent.

The system itself is quite simple! We have installed a bulletin board near the middle of Tao town square, and all guild members are invited to look at the tasks placed upon it.

You will find that the tasks upon the bulletin board to be a bit easier than the missions requested by your guild leaders, and thus, the rewards for completing these tasks will not be as generous as official missions. That’s just how it is! Some of our citizens just simply cannot afford to pay all of you as well as some of you are used to, so we’ve come up with a point system!

For every task you complete, your team will receive the reward stated. You may save and spend points as you wish on items, accessories, and vouchers that we will announce we have for sale a month after the bulletin board’s current tasks have been posted. After a month has passed, we will take down the current bulletin board’s postings, and, if all went well, either put up more tasks, or inform you of where you can find more of them in other towns and villages! Exciting, isn’t it?

While the tasks themselves may be fairly simple, please keep in mind that if a guild leader has posted a task, they really only want members of their respective guild completing the task. Don’t be offended! Just think about it logically. Would you rather a trusted member of your own guild handle sensitive information, or leave it to a complete stranger? If you’re not daft, you’d pick the former.

Tasks posted by other Pokemon in our village are free to be completed by anyone, unless they specifically request otherwise!

That’s about it, I think. So, without further ado, allow me to explain our current month’s tasks! More detailed information can be found by going over to the board itself.


The first set of tasks we have is for the Merchants:

This one is from... Auntie Kanga? Wow, she’s still around? I forgot she was even here... Well, she has asked any merchant team for help in clearing abandoned items from her storage basement. It seems that adventurers have a habit of storing their items with her and never coming back. Abandoned, huh? Callahan says they probably died, but who knows. Please sell off the items you clear out of her basement and give her the profit, and your team will be rewarded with a point... or, instead of a point, you can choose to grab a single accessory off the abandoned pile.  Maybe you’ll find some accessories that are no longer being made?

Alomomola’s branch of Sleepytime Books has informed me that they have a great deal of overdue books they’ve rented out to various Pokemon in Tao Village. Usually, there’s a rather annoying late fee for returning a book past its due date, but due to the extenuating circumstance of... half of our village disappearing, they’re willing to waive it. They still want the books back, though, so if you’re a merchant, please find the books and return them to Alomomola’s Sleepytime Books! I only know where one of the overdue books is, so you might want to start there unless you feel like asking around for the other ones. I sort of rented a book and forgot about it, and Callahan did to it whatever he does with books, so... I don’t have any idea where it is. Hopefully still in the registrar office behind the merchant hut. Find it and return it for me and receive a point! Or find any of the other books. That works too.  One point for this.


Next set of tasks is for the Rogues:

I can’t really read this task... uh, hold on.

All right, from what little I can read, I think Gunpowder needs help in sorting out all the mail he’s been getting ever since Devonshire left. Looks like he’s not too proficient with reading... or writing, for that matter, and he can’t go through mail faster than he gets it. Gunpowder wants a team from the Rogues to throw out anything that looks like junk mail, and stack everything that looks important on Devonshire’s desk. There’s also a crudely drawn picture of a Pokemon holding a bag with a Poke sign on it being beheaded on this letter, which probably means you shouldn’t touch any of Gunpowder’s or Devonshire’s things. Things other than the letters, I assume.  You will receive one point.

Another task from Gunpowder! This isn’t really a letter, though. It’s more of a... diagram? What? This is wasting my time! Hold on.

Ok. After going and asking Gunpowder myself, he just wants a Rogue team to pick up a parcel from him after sunset, go to the lake north of Tao Village, and leave it at a dead drop. From the picture I have, it looks like it’s a very large tree, so just kind of... I don’t know, find a suspicious looking tree and put the parcel there? That sounds good enough. Also, be on the lookout for any of the Patrat Patrol. Gunpowder said they’ve been tipped off to look for and shady Pokemon and are patrolling the lake area, so don’t get caught!  This is all worth one point on your task card.


Rescuers are next, with two tasks:

Someone named... Cyclone? Who’s that? Anyway, Cyclone is upset that a gang of... am I reading that right? Sunkern? Onto some gazebo that she likes to nest on. She calls it the Awesome Gazebo. She’d clear it out herself, but she’d feel guilty for beating up a bunch of Sunkern, and really, who wouldn’t? She’s too mad to talk to them though, so do it for her! Just get rid of the Sunkern Gang or convince them to stop being jerks, and you will receive a point.

Next task looks like a two parter. It appears that some of the tenements that PK manages have become too crowded as of late, and Pokemon have been getting into quarrels over who gets to stay where. A bit silly if you ask me, as I think whoever rented the tenements first should get to stay there, but I guess some Pokemon aren’t really reasonable. Fresnel is also tired of babysitting Maple, and wants you to watch her for a bit to get her out of his hair. Or wool. Whatever word you want to use to complete that colloquial metaphor. The easiest way to do this would be to borrow Fresnel’s instruments and play a few songs with Maple. While you’re playing songs with Maple, why not get the crowded, disgruntled tenement Pokemon to watch the show? It could be fun, and it’d relieve some tension! Help somehow and receive a point!


These next tasks are for any guild:

The Patrat Patrol wants someone to deliver a letter requesting payment for their services and continued presence in Tao Village to Gunpowder, who hasn’t replied to any of their letters. They say that Devonshire was the one who primarily financed them, and with his absence, they haven’t been paid in quite a while. I think you’ll have to tell Gunpowder what the letter says, as something tells me he’s not very good at reading anything.  Worth one point.

Gnasher, that creepy Banette, wants someone to replace his assistant, Sherri, who was among those lost during the mass disappearance a while ago. He says fashion never sleeps, and neither should her replacement. You’ll have to fashion accessories to his exacting specifications, and be able to put up with his personality. I know I wouldn’t be able to do it, but who knows, some of you may have the patience of a saint! Worth one point, and, if you’re willing to root through the garbage in the shop, you might find some old accessories he no longer carries. I can’t recommend taking them, but I bet he won’t notice.

Master Shao says he’s getting old, and with old age comes a bit of forgetfulness. He wants to brush up on some moves that a number of you may have by watching them being performed. The current list is as follows:
Any move that drains life.
Any move that confuses.
Any move that causes paralysis.
He doesn’t just want you to stand in front of him and show off a move, though. He wants to see the moves being used in combat, so please find another Pokemon to spar with. If you can find another team, or perhaps even two teams to spar with at the same time, that would be even better! He likes to see creative techniques and interesting combinations, so try to dazzle him.  Also... in addition to a point, he will rework your moveset if you’d like, if you help out.

Some Diglett named Nugget is pretty excited about a chest he’s located, except he can’t get to it quickly on his own, so he wants a team to help him. It’s in a nearby tunnel, and his partner, Ore, has given me a list on what artifacts are most likely within the treasure chest.  You may choose one of the artifacts as a reward.  No points here!

Scarlet Orb - A beautiful orb that emits a blindingly bright flash. Invokes Flash or Tail Glow (your choice!) when used.
Foxtail Whip - An elegant whip that will leave a burn when struck. Invokes Will-O-Wisp when used.
Chargestone Rod - Made from chargestone, a common rock in Steel City that amplifies and contains high voltages of electricity. This will allow shocking damage. It was said that a wise Manetric formed this treasure in his name, though his name itself was lost in time. Invokes Charge when used.
Ancient Bell - A cracked bell which emits a soothing sound that restores a team's statuses to normal. Invokes Heal Bell when used.
Pendulum - Easily allows one to hypnotise another into a sound sleep. Invokes Hypnosis when used.
Metal Flute - Play this and you will sound the sound of five Durants' battle cries. Sound-Blockers recommended, as such instrument is known to drive many players insane. Invokes Metal Sound when used.
Magic Paint - This paint allows for one to draw out their inspiration and obtain a move made from observation. Lets you Sketch any non-signature move, but there's only enough to use it once.  The sketched move permanently replaces one of your existing four moves.

(Tasks also available here: January Tasks by purplekecleon)
(Task application extension available here: Task Card 2013 by purplekecleon )
All January tasks are cut off after February 12th.  Submit your tasks before then.

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blinding-eclips Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013
I realized that the 'prize' of Gnasher task was gettign one of the old accesoires,
I feel stupid to have missed this chance, cuz I realy liked some of those old accesoires :'I

is there a chance that there will eb a simular task in the future?
MissFluffyKitty Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
blinding-eclips Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013
ok thanks for asnwering
doodlesANDkyn Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013
we can still submit tasks today before midnight, right?
Zerokii Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013
Weird question. So, if we get magic paint. How does this extra move manifest itself? Is the paint a held item at time of move use, is it permanent ink that sticks to our character, or maybe it paints an item that bestows the move?..... Is it essentially just up to whatever we think of? XD


Not saying I want a Magnet Bomb launcher.... but that would be freaking awesome.
drakke148 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"Magic Paint - This paint allows for one to draw out their inspiration and obtain a move made from observation. Lets you Sketch any non-signature move, but there's only enough to use it once. The sketched move permanently replaces one of your existing four moves."

example: i see someone use ice punch, "how cool it should be to have that move", i put this paint in my hands, now i can use ice punch, if i had 4 moves, one is forgotten, the magic paint now loses it's effect forever but now i know ice punch.
Zerokii Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013
Aww.... bummmmmmer. I totally got the workings of the magic paint wrong. XD I'm not sure I want to replace any moves that my guys have right now. Oh well. We'll see.
Yumiko21 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013  Student General Artist
I've got an NPC that I'd like to reveal soon. Is it alright if I give them the move transform if I explain how they learned it? eg. Magic Paint.. The NPC's not a ditto ^^;
UnknownOO8 Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Transform is a signature move, so no Pokemon can learn this move besides Ditto.

Otherwise, the NPC cannot get the magic paint unless it does the task which gives the magic paint as reward, or your team members gives it the magic paint.
Tayzonrai Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Correct me if I'm wrong, but earlier today, I checked the move Transform on Bulbapedia, and it said no such thing. Mew can learn it too by leveling up.^^;
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