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February 19, 2013


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I want to join PMD-E:

Want to join PMD-E? Go ahead! Anyone can join at any time, regardless of current skill level, interest level, intended participation level, or language. Anyone! Any time!

I just joined PMD-E:

Now that you’ve joined PMD-E, welcome! What should you do aside from reading the FAQ? You should decide whether or not you’d like to participate via art or writing, as each one requires you to fill out a different application.

The art application is here, and the writing application is here. You would do well to use a program a bit more advanced than MSPaint to edit the art application, such as GIMP, Photoshop, Paint Tool SAI, etc.

Filling out an application:

Now that you’re about to make your application, be it writing or art, you need to decide on a team you want to use to participate in our group with. We’ll get to what participating actually means in a little bit, but for now, let’s concentrate on you and your team.

You may select one of three different ranks for art: Pichu, Pikachu, and Raichu, and one of two different ranks for writing: Farfetch’d and Chatot. Ranks are mainly used by us, the judges of PMD-E, in deciding what to look for when grading your entries.

You may think of the ranks as somewhat of a Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced level for art, and a Casual / Serious level for writing. You may choose whatever you feel best represents your current skill level. We will not move you down a rank in art or writing (though we will suggest another rank sometimes in judging), but we will move you up if we feel your current skill level is a bit too advanced for whatever rank you had initially chosen.

You can start with up to two unevolved members, and one of them can still be an unborn Pokemon (an egg). For the sake of simplicity, they may know any move that’s listed on their corresponding Veekun Pokedex page. Simply find your intended Pokemon in there, and look at the page for it. If you can find the move on the page, then it’s a valid one!

There are exceptions to the unevolved starting member rule: if the evolved Pokemon was introduced before its previous form, then you may start with it.  For instance, you may start with a Pikachu, as Pichu was introduced later on in a different generation, but you may not start with Lucario, as its baby form was introduced in the same generation.  

For natures and traits, you may pick any officially listed one from the games. You may find natures and traits here! Simply pick one from the left for each of your team members. The stat modifiers do not matter, as PMD-E doesn’t use concepts such as levels or stats being represented by a number. The natures and traits should be ones you select based on the personality of your team member!

For accessories, you may start with any single, solid colored bowtie, scarf, or ribbon, with a max of one per team member. There will be opportunities for you to further customize the appearance of your team members further down the road as you participate in events and missions.

You may use any style of art or writing you desire to show off your team members in the applications, but please do not copy or trace someone else’s art, even if it’s the official art! We want to see things YOU come up with from your imagination, not your attempt at recreating something someone else has already created. This group is to have fun and improve your aptitude for creative art and writing, so experimentation is recommended!

Once you’re finished and are satisfied with your application, submit it to the appropriate folder in PMD-E.


Now that you’ve finished your application and have it submitted to the group, you may want to actually get to the group’s main purpose: to participate in missions, events, and tasks! It’s a rather simple process, so allow me to explain.

The current Event or Mission will be posted on the main page of PMD-E, near the top right, and the middle right it will have a countdown timer with it. The timer reveals how much time is left for you to finish the Event or Mission and submit it to the appropriate folders in our group, which will be clearly labeled. If nothing is listed, then please be patient, as it usually means we’re in the process of actually creating the prompt for the next one.

At the time of creating this guide, the most recent event was Event 7 - A Timely Letter. It may be different at the time you read this, but I’ll still use Event 7 as an example.

Clicking on it will reveal dialogue from one or more of our NPCs, in this case Shroomsworth. Reading through his dialogue should give you a bit of an idea of what to do, but if you’re still confused, we will always post a summary of what you should do at the bottom. Event 7’s summary reads as follows:

Shroomsworth, due to Callahan’s relentless and terrible pesterings, has violated PK’s privacy and opened her safe up to retrieve an old box.  He went to distribute these letters to an agitated mob of broken teams in the middle of Tao Village, succeeding in emptying the box of its aged contents without much effort on his behalf.  Unfortunately, this frenzy has resulted in many Pokemon taking letters that weren’t theirs, by mistake or otherwise!  So, agitated Pokemon from every guild are left without a letter.  It is up to each individual member to find the letters from their missing teammates.  It’s best to check with friends or relatives of the missing Pokemon first to see they were delivered elsewhere first.  Shroomsworth is rather tired, as he has done all he can do try to get the letters out in an organized fashion and is hardly in the mood to respond to any further inquires on the matter.”

These summaries are good to use as a base for how you should create art or writing portraying your PMD-E team responding to the current issue at hand. You do not need to follow these religiously, as we encourage the use of imagination and creative thinking. Do not worry about small details such as “How many Pokemon are in Tao Village?” or “What color is the inside of PK’s house?”. Such details are trivial, and we do not care about whether or not you get them “right”. We only wish to see you create an engaging and fun story for your team. If you’re unsure of a certain detail, make something up. Nobody in the history of PMD-E has ever been looked down upon by us for creating things to make their story more interesting.

You may make your Events, Missions, and Tasks as long or as short as you’d like. We have no limit or requirement on them. It’s entirely up to you.

You may use any style of art or writing to participate. If you want to do a comic, do a comic. If you want to do a flash, do a flash. If you want to write poetry, write poetry. If you want to create a song, create a song. These are just a few examples. Participate however you feel like. It’s up to you.

Whenever you’re done with the current mission/event/task at hand, simply submit it to the appropriate folder in PMD-E.

The difference between Missions, Events, and Tasks:

Missions are the only thing that we judge in PMD-E. You may complete a mission and not have it judged, if you’d like! It’s up to you. Having your work judged makes you eligible for prizes in our group, and it’s usually good feedback on where we view your standing amongst everyone else. Missions usually last six to eight weeks, and sometimes we split them up into pieces to be done one at a time.

Events are held after every mission, and they are not judged. These are usually less “intense” or important to our main storyline. They usually last four to six weeks.

Tasks are, well, tasks that are set forth by less-important NPCs in our group, and they’re usually rather trivial in nature, and have no real bearing or involvement with our main storyline. These are not judged. We have new tasks every month, so be sure to always check out the current Tasks journal!

Customizing your team’s appearance and evolving/getting more members

As you complete Missions, Events, and Tasks, you will start to accumulate things such as Evolution Scrolls, Accessory Vouchers, and Task Points. All of these can be used in some way to customize your team in different ways.

Evolution Scrolls are used to evolve one of your team members. Show it happening in your story or don’t, it’s up to you. It’s completely up to you how you figure this out, and you don’t even need to use a scroll at all! Feel free to think of it as a visual representation that one of your Pokemon is ready to evolve.

If your Pokemon do not evolve, don’t worry! Every so often we hold special opportunities that allow you to trade in your Evolution Scrolls for a specific reward. Usually we let you trade some in for another Pokemon on your team, or a special accessory, but not always.

Accessory Vouchers are used to obtain any one accessory from any current batch! You may find those batches here. Unless otherwise stated, you may trade one accessory voucher in for any accessory listed on that page unless it’s crossed out. If an accessory has an asterisk next to it, then you may change the color of that accessory to a different solid color.

You may not trade or give accessories to other teams, even if you own all of the teams, but you may trade and give accessories between your own team members as long as they’re on the same team.

You may trade in an accessory voucher to have Gnasher modify one of your already-owned accessories in some trivial way, whether it’s to change the color on an item that’s usually without an asterisk, or to embellish it with a logo or a symbol; it’s up to you.  Try not to get super detailed here, as you need to be able to draw it all the time!

Task Points are accumulated usually at the rate of one point per task, and we will post the current rewards for each month at the bottom of the current task journal. For this example I will be using the February Tasks Journal, as it was the most recent one at the time of writing this guide. Be sure to check what the most recent month’s task journal is!

“This month, we are revealing:
Egg: You may receive an egg of the typings Bug, Grass, or Rock if you have five points to trade in.  Someone in Mossy Village has these, somewhere.
Evolution Scroll: You may receive one of these from your guild leader if you have... ten points to trade in? Wow.  You’d have to have done all your guild’s tasks, and then all the open tasks last month, and then more this month to get this!”

Looks like February’s rewards were either an Egg of the specific types for five task points, or an Evolution Scroll for ten task points. It’s up to you how you spend or save points, as they do not expire. Once points are spent, you no longer have those points, and will have to do more tasks to get them back!

It’s also up to you how you show your team receiving the rewards for task points. You don’t even need to show them receiving it at all, it’s up to you!

It’s important to remember that recruitment opportunities and task rewards are only valid in the timeframe they are offered. You cannot go back to a past mission or task month and receive rewards for them, as those opportunities have already passed.

Overall guideline of PMD-E

This group is to have fun, and to work on your art and writing skills. You should have fun responding to our Mission, Event, and Task prompts with your own stories. If you’re not having fun, then think about how to make it so!

Make things up, make a good and intriguing story, and make friends! If you’re unsure of some detail in a mission, event, or task, just make something up. If you’ve joined in the middle of an event or mission, feel free to make up a story on how they got there at that point in time.

Do not feel restricted by any of the things we do in PMD-E, just respond to them with a creative story!

If you’d like to verse yourself in the backstory of PMD-E and get to know a bit more about the NPCs we use, feel free to check out the PMD-E Wiki!

And also, a summary of Arc 1 for people who want to skim!
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ChibizhzeroX3 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013
I'm not sure if this is still active or not, but I just wanted to ask something about the creativity part if I may? Uhm, so when creating one of your pokemon's physical appearances, can you go as far to make them "anthro" or must they stay within the boundary of their original physical bodies?

If confused-- example: Jolteon is obviously a feral canine pokemon, so if you wanted to, out of creativity, make that pokemon Anthromorphic?
xxArcade Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2013
i completed a task but i never got my 1 point -3-
MissFluffyKitty Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No one is going to hand it to you. It is your responsibility to keep track on how many points you earned on your teams Task Card.
xxArcade Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2013
hur dur im an idiot kthnxbai
Gondor234 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Is it ok for my buizel to use skateboard and where can I receive a rescue mission because I want my team become rescuers.

MissFluffyKitty Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
After discussing with the other staff members, we concluded that yes, your Buizel may have a skateboard as a personal procession. It will be up to you if you want to list it on your team application under "Items" or not.
Gondor234 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Where can I look missions for Rescue team. I'm still a beginner rank

MissFluffyKitty Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
All Tasks and Mission will be posted in journals. The most current tasks are Augusts Tasks and there is still time to get a late M8 entry done and submitted to the group.
JWNoctis Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013
Again, be sure to read the FAQ and the Newbie's guide, since the setting of PMD-e differs from the games significantly. The group's wiki can be a good place for further info.

As of things to do, August tasks are currently in progress -- Albeit it would end soon, and Mission 8 is still accepting late entries as of now.
cinostheechidna Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2013   Digital Artist
If there's a team with a doduo, would the doduo be allowed to have to accesories because it has two heads?
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